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[Dust2 (Classic)] He@ton Server Admin Application!

Nick-Ingame: He@ton

Languages you speak: English,French,Germany,Arabic

How many hours can you be active on the forums/servers per day?: 2-12

Which server are you applying for?: Dust2 (Classic)

AuthID:  STEAM_0:0:833937729

The position you are applying for?: (Server Admin)

Explain (Why you should be an admin?): i have a good experience , i'm ex admin for many servers (4twenssa..) and i can observe any cheater , and i can help in devalop.

Date of Birth: (Which year you were born?): 25-05-1997
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I'm sorry i have to deny because of your inactivity in the servers..
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Hello and thanks for applying, i am sorry to inform you that your staff application has been denied/rejected and you may apply again in two weeks!

Regards GD Staff.
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